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It Sounds Like Steven Jackson Wants To Remain A Ram

It's starting to look like the Rams and Steven Jackson will find a way to keep their veteran running back on the team.


We have been hearing various members of the Rams big three (Jeff Fisher, Les Snead and Kevin Demoff) state that the Rams would love to have Steven Jackson return to St. Louis.

Regardless of those words, it's been looking bleak for the Rams and Jackson for a while. That's mostly because for the majority of the off-season, there's been talk about Jackson voiding his contract.

But finally, for the first time all off-season we hear that Steven Jackson would like to return to the Rams according to Ian Repport, a reporter for NFL Network, and Rapoport In fact, both sides will be meeting this week to talk about a new deal.

There's also a separate report, from the Denver Post, also mentioning that Jackson would want to stay with the Rams.

Many in the NFL believe Jackson's preference is to finish his career in St. Louis, but that he would eventually void that final year and test the market to see if he can do better than what the Rams offer him. The Rams are expected to meet with Jackson's representatives at the scouting combine this week.

This news should sit well Rams fans. The Rams could keep their franchise back for a couple more seasons, let the former rookies Isaiah Pead and Darryl Richardson, spell Jackson. All, at cheaper than $7 million a year.

Now, this news doesn't mean that the Rams will definitely come to terms with Jackson, and this really doesn't mean that the Rams will sign him this week.But all signs are pointing towards Steven Jackson staying and finishing his career off with the team that drafted him.