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Random Ramsdom 02/21/2013: St. Louis Rams, NFL Draft, Free Agency

Good Thursday morning, St. Louis Rams fans! I hope it finds you well. The NFL Combine action begins in just a couple of days, and we’re only 63 away from April’s Draft. You may not be able to watch live 11-on-11 football, but the offseason action is just getting started!

Dilip Vishwanat


Rams Biggest Needs?

The Question: What is the biggest need for the Rams as team officials head to the scouting combine in Indianapolis this week? You’ve answered it…probably a million times by now. Now, what do the guys from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch have to say about it?

Girl Fight!

Often times in football, the ‘mental edge’ can help gain an advantage over your opponent. 'Getting into the head' of your opponent can cause mistakes, and be fortuitous for the brain-enterer. Most often, it’s defensive players preying upon the oppositions QB. In this case, Richard Sherman apparently has his sights set on Darrelle Revis.

Most Bang For Your Cap Buck

ESPN compares the price paid for an NFL defense, and how it ranked in comparison to the overall output in 2012. The Seattle Seahawks got the most ‘bang for their buck.’ The 49ers actually got the least value in the NFC West…even with the league’s fourth ranked defense. How did the Rams stack up?

A Slight Bump In The NFL Salary Cap for 2013?

Turf Show Times’ own - Ryan Van Bibber - weighs in on some potentially good news for NFL teams. Initial reports stated that NFL teams would have the salary cap would be set at [approx.] $121mil. It looks like there’s still a chance that that figure could exceed $122mil.

Blasphemy In New York

The buzz in New York is that the Jets will be looking to shop Tim Tebow at this week’s combine. After leading the Broncos to the playoffs [and a first round victory over the Steelers], things have gone downhill for Tebow since being signed by the Jets. The media attention has far exceeded the on-field output. Where - or will - Tim Tebow land next? Thou shalt not speculate.

Addressing Wide Receiver In The First Round

It’s a very popular opinion amongst Rams fans that taking a Wide Receiver in the first round is a must. The Rams are the only team in the NFL that will have two picks in the first round, so they’ve certainly got options. There’s plenty of speculation about which WR the Rams should take if they decide to go that route. It’s also possible that the Rams look for a receiver who can help in run blocking. Rant Sports has a few thoughts on the matter…

A Fresh 2013 Rams Mock From Bleacher Report

If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen ‘em all, right? It’s possible. I’ve seen a few hundred myself. Well, here’s another one. And quite honestly, I’d like it. It’s all offense, and it helps the Rams offense in more a variety of ways.

The Miami Dolphins Got Some Dough, And They Know What To Do With It

The Rams don’t have the money to sign Mike Wallace. I think most wish they did…myself included. Unfortunately, it’s just not going to happen unless the Rams free up a lot more cap space than is feasible, or without doing further damage to the roster. The Dolphins, however, are a team that have plenty of money to spend, and they’re willing to spend it to make Mike Wallace one of the highest paid WR’s in the game.

Can Zach Ertz and Keenan Allen Sneak Into The First Round?

Les Snead’s take on wants and needs, in regards to the NFL Draft: "Sometimes when you ‘need’ something, you become desperate," Snead said. "When you’re desperate, you can make bad decisions." -- Something tells me that the draft excites Snead more than Christmas does a young child. The Falcons didn’t need Julio Jones…they wanted him. That worked out pretty well. If you look at what the Rams did in the 2012 draft, you’ve got to feel good knowing that - coming off of a two win season - Les Snead, Jeff Fisher, and the Rams took players they wanted, not needed. That worked out pretty well, too.

Time For An Upgrade!

Much like everything you do in life, you’re the best. Madden football is probably what you’re best at. So am I. So is the rest of the TST staff. So was Helen Keller. Well, if you intend on beating up on your buddies in 2013 and beyond, you’d better be willing to spend some money. Not just on the game, but on your new gaming system. Peep the features!

Happy Birthday NASCAR!

On this day - Feb. 21, 1948 - the National Association of Stock Car Racing [NASCAR] was founded. Today, it’s become one of America’s most popular spectator sports, and a multi-billion dollar industry. It’s fair to say that the sport has come a long way since bootlegging whiskey during Prohibition in the 1930's. The sport is still going strong…and, luckily, so is the whiskey business.

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