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Random Ramsdom: Is Our Best Good Enough?

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The St. Louis Rams experienced a miracle in 2012. A team that one publication viewed as a possible 0-16 record holder, was in a playoff run late in the season. Jeff Fisher had equipped the team with the strategies and acumen for victory. But without further improvement, is the best this Rams team has to offer good enough to be a winning football team?

Otto Greule Jr

Jeff Fisher and Les Snead are trying to build a talented and gritty football team. The 2012 draft class is a reflection of building talent, and tough effort in games against the 49ers shows the development of this teams grittiness. Unfortunately, even if this team is fully-developed their best may not be good enough to become a top tier NFL franchise. The good news is that the Rams are strongly equipped to build towards a more talented future. The bad news is that many beloved players may have to become part of the past to make that happen.

How valuable is Danny Amendola to the Rams?

Injuries aside, he is extremely valuable. He is the Rams best receiver as it stands today. It is a tough sell to say that the Rams will improve their receiving squad by subtracting the most efficient weapon. However, his injuries hurt this team in more ways than one. The team not only loses him when he's injured, but they lose the other player that could have been there instead. They lose the reps in practice another player could have taken, and have to change in-game strategies to reflect his absence. No one will know Danny's health better than the Rams, and they should negotiate around where they feel his health will be over the next 4 years. Resigning a version of Danny Amendola that doesn't get injured is a no-brainer.

Mike Mayock's thoughts on the Rams future:

I really enjoyed reading Mike's thoughts on how the Rams are setup for the future. I believe he has a reasonable and sound understanding of the team, and where it's going.

10 players the Rams must monitor closely heading into the draft:

This should give Rams fans some insight into some likely players atop the Rams draft board. The hard part to predict is just where Snead and Fisher will have them on their board. If the best player available on the Rams board doesn't line up with their draft position I think it's likely they will try to trade back. What we keep hearing about this draft class is how it makes up for the lack of extreme talent in the first round with strong depth throughout the later rounds. Perhaps the Rams will seek to take advantage of that.

Will Marcus Lattimore be the next Adrian Peterson?

Unfortunately this statement is comparing both players vicious knee injuries that occurred, not their talents on the field. Had Lattimore never found the training table during his college career we might be asking the same question in another context. So in the spirit of "out with the old, in with the new"; if Steven Jackson leaves in free agency, should the Rams consider a high-upside talent like Lattimore in-spite of this brutal injury if he checks out at the combine? It would be a risky move to put the running back squad squarely in the hands of the inexperienced Pead, Richardson, and oft-injured Lattimore, but sometimes risk is required to raise the talent level of your team. What do you think?

Oakland Raider combine award winners????

the Oakland Raiders are famous for scooping up and over-drafting physical freaks of nature. Who will be Oakland award-winners this year? Most of those mentioned are first-round projected defensive prospects. Do any of those interest you?

Stay classy Rams fans.