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2013 NFL Combine: Players For the Rams To Watch

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Are you ready for the combine? Of course you are. Many of us armchair GMs are waiting to see these guys perform. For those who don't have their own list of players, here's a quick list of prospects to watch for that could interest the Rams.

Mike Ehrmann

The combine starts today. So what better way to celebrate, then to check out a few of the players that could interest the St. Louis Rams? You're right, there's no better way to celebrate.

So here's some quick summaries on some prospects and even a couple of mentions on what they have to do to improve their combine ranking. It will be interesting to see how these players rise and fall based on the work that they will do for these few days.


Cordarrelle Patterson- The new number one receiver on most draft boards. Patterson is raw, but he can return kicks also. His biggest question mark is his hands; he needs to address those concerns if he wants to keep his spot secure as the number one wide receiver.

Tavon Austin- Small, but explosive. He's the most exciting playmaker in the draft. He will run a good 40, but it will be interesting to see his skills in route running.

DeAndre Hopkins- Hopkins is an really good route runner. He's also looked good on deep passes. His big issue will be his hands, and his 40 time will be interesting.

Keenan Allen- An Anquin Boldin clone, or a player that can't get separation if you don't like him. The great Mike Mayock said that last sentence, and it's hard not to agree with him. But with the bad quarterback play he had to deal with last season, if he runs in the 4.4s, he would most likely be the second wide receiver picked.

Justin Hunter- If you would have asked about Hunter last year, he was going to be the first wide receiver picked. But this season he was overshadowed by his teammate Patterson. Hunter looks like a potential number one type receiver, but his hands, speed and route running will have to be good if he wants to get drafted in the first two rounds.

Also, any wide receiver that can catch, run and run routes, so watch out.


Tyler Eifert- One of the two best tight ends in the draft. He hasn't had 100-yard receiving game, but he will be one of the best pass catchers in the league. He probably won't be asked to block much, but he will be a weapon.

Zach Ertz- He's an all-around type of tight end. He's more athletic than the tight ends of old, but he fits their mold. In my opinion, he's an more athletic Jason Witten type. Agility, catching and speed will be watched. If he does well in those areas, I expect him to be the best TE.

Jordan Reed- He's a wide receiver playing tight end. If a team needs a weapon on offensive, then Reed is your man. The problem is the Gators really didn't feed him the ball, so he's still raw, and there's the fact that he's not a strong blocker. But I think he will rise after the combine and become a second round pick.

Travis Kelce- A perfect combination of power and hands. He's a solid run blocker that can catch. He was suspended an entire season, so he does have character concerns. Still, an NFL team will be happy with him. He needs to do well in the speed drills, and interview well.


OG Chance Warmack- The best player in this year's draft. He's powerful and is a solid pass blocker. He would be the perfect pick for the Rams with the 16 pick.

OG Johnathan Cooper- He's not as powerful as Warmack, but he is a good technician. He doesn't push defenders back much, but he's good at moving them to the side. He will score points if he's stronger than expected.

OT D.J. Fluker- He's the prototype at right tackle. He's strong and is a dominant run blocker, but he will struggle pass blocking. A team that thinks they could make him a good pass blocker could take a chance on him early.

OT Lane Johnson- He's an offensive tackle, most likely a left one. He's not really powerful, but he should be a solid starting left tackle from week one.

OG Kyle Long- The younger brother of Chris Long. Kyle Long will most likely be an left guard at the next level. The entire combine is important for Kyle. Here's a scouting profile that I wrote on him.


Arthur Brown- Athletic and can cover. Brown is one of and could be the only first round linebacker that I will say the Rams need. He could be groomed to take Dunbar's spot, or he could just start weakside. Either way, he would be an asset.

Keith Pough- Another linebacker that can cover, but he's also good blitzing. The Rams could gain an 6'3 outside linebacker that should be a good compliment to James.


Kenny Vaccaro- This talented safety will be a player to watch in the combine. He's good in man cover and can play in the slot. I recently wrote a scouting report on him.

Eric Reed- Looks like an in the box safety. In fact, I would label him the next Mikell. He's good against the run, but his coverage skills need work. Directional drills will be important for him.

John Cyprien- He exploded during Senior Bowl week, and has risen pretty high on boards. He's a good tackler, nice range and smart, but he hasn't played against the best competition. He could end up getting drafted pretty high in the draft. Most likely the early second round.