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Turf Show Times Fan's Choice 1st Round Mock

It's your turn to be heard. Who do you, the readers think the Rams will draft in the first round?

Jed Jacobsohn

There's still two months before the NFL Draft, and mock drafts are at an all-time high. Even here on Turf Show Times, rarely a week goes by that someone doesn't post a mock draft or prospect analysis on the front page. If you add our great fan post writers like, Valdez, AdamRams, Fishkiller, Ramfan1313, RG31, just to name a few, there's not a day that Ram fans don't hear about the draft.

However, there's a certain amount of readers who don't feel like writing , so their opinion just goes unheard. So you know what? The weekend is here, and I don't feel like discussing the 49ers in the Super Bowl - and I know the majority of you don't either - so let's talk about future Rams.

There are no right or wrong answers, just opinions. Who do you guys think the Rams will draft in the first round?

The list

Tavon Austin WR - Brandon Bates' favorite player, just ask him about the poster he has under his bed; it's really an unhealthy obsession. But anyway, Austin is the undersized play maker that could make the Rams more explosive.

Chance Warmack G- One of the best players in the draft. He is a top 10 talent, but plays guard. He's a common first round pick for the Rams in Mock Drafts. Could he help protect Sam Bradford, if he's available?

Kenny Vaccaro S - This player is another popular pick for the St. Louis Rams. He's a great cover safety and he's physical. But is he a FS or an SS? The Rams could need both when April rolls around. Could he be a choice in the first round?

Keenan Allen WR - He's another popular pick for the Rams. Most draft pundits had him marked down as their number one wide receiver in the draft before his knee injury. But a good combine, and medical report, could convince the Rams to draft Allen. Is he a number one? Or just a good wide receiver? Will the Rams draft him?

D.J. Fluker RT - The Rams need a right tackle, Flucker is one, and probably the best run blocking right tackle in the draft. The question is how good is his pass blocking? Regardless, he's another possibility for the Rams

The other choices

Lane Johnson LT - Former Quarterback turned Left tackle. From what I've gathered, he's a better fit in a zone offense. The Rams don't run it, but maybe he could be a fit, and push Rodger Saffold to RT.

Cordarrelle Patterson WR - The most electrifying player in the SEC. He's raw, but he's a good kick returner and receiver.

Zack Ertz TE - To me, he's the most complete Tight End in the draft. He's not fast, but he can find the hole in the defense. He's a better receiver then he's credited for.

Tyler Eifert TE - He's a big time threat at TE - Although he didn't go for over 100 receiving yards in a game, he has the potential to be a big time seam guy in the NFL. He's not the best run blocker.

Jonathon Cooper G - The other offensive guard that could go in the first round. He might not be as good as Warmack, but he would be a good option.

DeAndre Hopkins WR - One of the best route runners in the draft. He doesn't excel in any other category, but he looks like a good fit to a puzzle, where he isn't relied upon, but can break a big play.

So now it's your turn! Who do you think the Rams will draft in the 1st round? My picks would be Cordarrelle Patterson, and Jonathon Cooper