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2013 St. Louis Rams free agents: Jeff Fisher wants to bring back Steven Jackson, Danny Amendola

Jeff Fisher had nice things to say about his team's free agents.


To listen to Jeff Fisher tell it, the St. Louis Rams won't be breaking up the band this season. The head coach told the media at his Friday press conference that the team "has a number of free agents" on the roster that he and his staff would like to bring back in 2013, including Danny Amendola and Steven Jackson, who isn't a free agent but could be as soon as March 12.

Fisher said that the Rams were hopeful to re-sign Amendola. As has been said before, that could all hinge on his price tag, with a deal worth $6 million per season believed to be too high for the team's budget. GM Les Snead and Fisher's spending priorities might not align with Amendola's asking price.

As for Steven Jackson, Fisher said that he would also like to have the veteran running back in 2013. The coach brushed aside reports that the two sides had not met so far, claiming that there was still plenty of time before the March 12 deadline. Again, that too will depend on the price tag associated with a 30-year old running back, not to mention if Jackson decides to test the waters of free agency for the first time in his career.

For those of you who forgot the rituals of spring and free agency, coaches are supposed to say nice things. Of course, it also makes sense that the Rams would want some of their free agents to return, Amendola and Jackson in particular, but it all depends on how much those players are seeking and what other teams might be willing to pay.