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Jeff Fisher says Titus Young was not a fit for the Rams

The Rams sent Titus Young on his way after nine days on the roster.

Al Messerschmidt

St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher was probably just hoping to parry the gentle inquiries thrown at him by the friendly local media during his Friday afternoon press conference. Talk up Tim Walton, the new defensive coordinator, and explain to the local radio folks his thoughts on the Cardinals' spring training plan. Instead, Fisher had to spend his time explaining the team's decision to part ways with wide receiver Titus Young, acquired on waivers just a week prior.

Fisher, as usual, was fairly complementary of troubled young receiver. He praised his talent, but noted that Young was not a fit for the Rams.

Claiming Young on waivers in the first place, Fisher revealed, was a means for the Rams to get some exclusive, extended time with him. Fisher compared it to a lengthy job interview.

"We spent probably 4-5 days with him," Fisher said. "We decided it was best for us to go another direction."

So, let's put this in perspective. Young cleared the physical with no problems. It's worth noting because Tony Softli said before the press conference began that "sources" had told him there were problems with Young's knee. That turned out not to be the case, according to Fisher.

As Doug Farrar of Yahoo Sports noted, Young failed to impress a coach who has taken chances on players like Pacman Jones and Albert Haynesworth.

Also worth noting is that the Rams are particularly shorthanded in the receiver department. Danny Amendola and Brandon Gibson are both ticketed for free agency. (On those two, Fisher gave the normal February platitude about wanting to retain their services, ditto Steven Jackson).

Even Jeff Fisher has his limits, you guys.

For Titus Young, this pretty much has to be the end of the line, at least for his NFL career.