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Random Ramsdom for Friday 2/15/2013: Eight Days till the Cattle Auction

The best part of waking up, is blue and gold in your cup. Hit the links without the need for a tee time or pants.

Christian Petersen


Well ladies and gentlemen, you've made it through yet another National Scam day. If you're like me, you are glad to be done with the pink, heart shaped boxes of chocolates, over-stuffed teddy bears, and over priced flowers. Never before in human history has one day removed so many people of so much money. Seriously, my brother-in-law is a manager at Walgreens, and Valentines Day is always the busiest day for them. So much so that they make more money on that day than during the entire Christmas season. In case you didn't know, the warm and fuzzy pink holiday doesn't exactly have great origins. And yes, in case you are wondering; I did bow to commercialism and buy my wife flowers. Do you think I'm nuts?

Bookmark This
In case you've never watched before you might want to take a little time out of your chocolate covered strawberry induced hangover, and check out our almighty leader talking about players, coaching changes, and the team in general. Nothing like a Fish-conference to get you stoked about the blue and gold.

49ers, Cardinals, Seahawks, Rams, and Rams again.
Why am I listing these teams? Over the last 13 years the NFC West has represented in the Super Bowl five times. For all of those that say the NFC West has been the 5th wheel in the NFC, I point to those five Super Bowls. Yeah, the division may not win them too often - only earning four Super Bowl Championships total - but our division is far from the doormat of the NFL. The division is on a meteoric rise, and will remain in the playoff conversation due to young, determined, well coached teams. Well, at least the Rams, 49ers, and Seahawks will. Sorry Cardinals.

Eight Days
Yes football fans, we are only eight days away from professional football's equivalent of a cattle auction. The 2013 NFL Scouting Combine is right around the corner. Get your DVR or TiVo (does anyone even use TiVo anymore?), ready to record, and your draft boards ready. While our favorite team will be punching stopwatches and scribbling notes, I'll be anxiously awaiting the annual Rich Eisen 40 yard dash.

Jackson- To be, or not to be a Ram in 2013?
No need to postulate here. I'll let my man RVB do that. Either way, the Rams will still have a decent backfield.

Do You Want It Bad Enough?
Getting back to the NFL Scouting Combine, if you can show you are "Fan Enough" you can get tickets to the Combine. Fill it out. Who knows if you might win? Why not? This year we NFL money funnels get two days to watch giant men in very tight clothing run around live, in person. Last year the NFL kicked off the program with just one day.

In other sporting news:

Anyone remember Michelle Jenneke? The famed track and field athlete, she of the ever popular warm up dance, has earned a spot on Sports Illustrated's Swim Suit Issue. Check it.

You ever needed a jock for your horse? How about a dog prophylactic? Some people have too much time on their hands.

Get Out the Jam:

Happy Friday Ram Fans!