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NFL free agents 2013: Steven Jackson expected to void deal with the Rams

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It's looking more and more like Jackson's days in St. Louis are numbered.

Al Messerschmidt

The odds of Steven Jackson finishing his career with the St. Louis Rams don't sound very good, certainly not as good as all the platitudes floating around would have you believe.

Jackson and the Rams have yet to hold any sort of face-to-face talks, though the two sides have done some negotiating, according to the Post Dispatch. Those talks, said to be on the docket for February, could happen next week during the annual NFL Scouting Combine.

The deadline for Jackson to void his contract is March 12, the start of free agency. The PD article suggests that voiding the deal, which would pay him $7 million in 2013, is the most likely scenario for the veteran running back. He could still negotiate a return to the Rams after voiding his deal, though it would have to be at a cheaper rate.

Just how much is Jackson worth to the Rams? He still has some legs, though his explosiveness is not what it used to be. Jackson's ability to grind it out between the tackles and push the ball forward is his best asset entering his age-30 season. He might be more valuable to another team looking for running back help to round out a Super Bowl run. The Packers were said to be interested during the season. Dallas could pair him with DeMarco Murray, and the Falcons could bring him in as a cheaper version of Michael Turner.

Once the market does open, Jackson will likely field better offers from teams outside St. Louis, which could force him to decide if finishing his career under the Arch is more important than more money and a more realistic shot at a Lombardi Trophy in 2013.