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Johnny Hekker's enlightening Reddit AMA

Punter and Reddior Johnny Hekker held an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit. Redditors popped-in comments and questions trying to get Hekker to reveal everything - from life in the locker room to plays on the field to his favorite Pokemon character. To say the least, this Q&A session was better than any interview you'll find.

Johnny Hekker

How about we hop right into this thing, shall we?

Q: If you were to have a punting battle with /r/nfl favorite redditor /u/loate [Punter Chris Kluwe] who would win?

Hekker: Kluwe has skills, no doubt about it. I would say that he would win the battle..If we battled pokemon cards he would have no chance.

Chris Kluwe, like clock-work, chimed right in.

Kluwe: That's it. We're fighting. You've challenged the wrong Pokemaster my friend

Hekker: oh shizznit! You don't want it Kluwe! haha maybe we can get it on Pay-Per-View. Charity punter pokemon battle.

On Chris Long:

Q: Is Chris Long as hilarious in real life as he is on twitter?

Hekker: yeah he is a riot. Love having him on the team to make funny jokes and smash opposing qb's into pieces.

On Greg the Leg:

Q: How much does Greg the Leg work out his leg muscles? More or less than you?

Hekker: Greg is a freak! the guy likes to relax his leg as much as possible when not kicking the ball. When you smash the ball like he does, it takes a lot out of you. He does lift but he likes to keep it controlled.

Q: You and Greg Z both had great rookie season. Have you and him formed a friendship being in similar situations? The Rams are my favorite NFC team so I hope to see you both on the team for many years. I really think your team will be great as soon as next year.

Hekker: The Rams really appreciate your support! Greg and I were roommates this year and we were able to bond a ton outside of football. Greg and I are good friends and with our snapper Jake, we are a great Trio and a special teams force to be reckoned with.

    On Steven Jackson:

    Q: Hey Johnny, have you ever met Steven Jackson. If so, is he really intimidating in real life?

    Hekker: Yes I have met Steven Jackson, Being his teammate for an entire season I saw him almost every day. He is pretty intimidating looking because of his physical stature but he is the nicest guy ever. Really a pro's pro. The guy treats everyone with respect and makes everyone feel important to the team.

    Q: I would like to have Steven Jackson's babies but I am sadly a male. What would be my best course of action?

    Hekker: I have no idea where to go with this question...hahaha AWKWARD QUESTION OF THE THREAD AWARD!!!!!!!

    On other teammates:

    Q: Hi Johnny,

    Funniest guy in the Rams' locker room, in your opinion? Any characters that an average fan wouldn't expect to be a joker?

    Go Rams

    Hekker: Man...we have a ton of funny guys on the team. In different ways I would say Kellen Clemens is very sarcastic funny Cortland Finnegan will clown on anyone Chris Long is a real prankster and mastermind. That is a tough question to answer haha. The most underrated funny guy on our team has to be Joe Barksdale.

    On the locker room:

    Q: Hi John Hekker!

    I'm a HUGE Rams fan, I've been one for a long time now, and I was just wondering how is the Rams locker-room? Is it just a bunch of guys having a lot of fun?

    Hekker: The locker room is great! We are all kind of separated by our locations in the locker room but we all have a great time while we are at work. Everyone gets along and guys have fun playing xbox, shooting mini hoops, or just sitting around chatting. I love the environment in our locker room.

    On Bradford and St. Louis:

    Q: Is Sam Bradford a nice person? I was a HUGE Sam Bradford fan since he played for Oklahoma. I recently had the one chance in my life to meet him and he wouldn't bother to come talk to me, even though I was the only fan around. Just wondering if he was really like that or had an off day or something.

    Hekker: Sam is an incredibly nice person. I am sure he was just busy or had something else he had to get done before socializing. Sometimes as a player in the NFL people expect a lot from you as far as socializing with fans and all that. As a star it is like that to the 100th degree. Take my word for it, Sam is a great guy and would never do that to intentionally disappoint you.

    Q: hi Johnny, huge rams fan here. What's its like being a member of the rams do you enjoy St. Louis? who do you hang around with on the team? Whats Sam Bradford like and who does he usually associate with on the team?

    Hekker: Well I would say being a part of the Rams organization is a blessing. I have heard from many of our vets that have been on other teams how different and upbeat everything is in our training facilities. Everyone gets along and you can tell that we all want to improve and win games now. I spend most of my time with Greg, Jake McQuaide, and one of our D-lineman Matt Conrath. All good guys. Sam is a quiet leader that loves the game. he likes to hang out with Danny a lot I think...Punters arent the most in the loop players haha.

      Q: What is your favorite perk about being in the NFL that most people don't expect?

      Hekker: I really like how easy it is to volunteer for things. At our training facility there are women who work in our PR department always giving us awesome opportunities to get involved in the community! I love getting to give back to St. Louis

      Q: Hi Johnny!

      I was wondering if, as a pro athlete, you feel any responsibility to the community in which you play?

      GO RAMS! #superbowlorbust

      Hekker: Oh of course! As a pro athlete I feel it is important to show love to the community that supports your team as best as you can. Giving back to the community is something that we as an organization hold really highly and we try and show St. Louis that we care about them!

      On Rams and LA:

      Q: How do you feel about the Rams possibly being relocated to Los Angeles in the near future?

      Hekker: I don't know how to feel about it honestly. I know that St. Louis deserves and needs an NFL team there. I love being that team now so I would like to stay there if that is how everyone there feels. Being in LA wouldn't be a bad deal either but I am down with the Lou

      On his backup career:

      Q: If you hadn't been signed by any team, what would have been your backup career?

      Hekker: I want to own and operate a shave ice stand in Hawaii with my best friend. We've talked about it for years. haha

      On punts and punt returns:

      Q: What honestly goes through your head when a guy starts to run a punt back?

      Hekker: Dear God, HEEEEELPPPPPP

      Q: Hi, Johnny!

      Can you take us through what was going through your head as you lined up for that (fake) punt against the 49ers?

      Were you given special permission to go rogue like that if you recognized an error in the defense?

      Thanks! Go Rams!

      Hekker: I was just thinking, "This is going to work just like in practice...don't you dare mess up the throw!" Punters only get chances if the coaches know you can complete it!

      Q: Was it as fun to watch the Seahawks look completely confused when you threw that touchdown to Amendola as it was on television? Carroll looked absolutely astonished and it was faannnnnntastic.

      Hekker: That was a special moment for me having it be my hometown team. Having all my friends send me congratulatory/ hateful texts was awesome. They didn't see it coming at all.

      On Andy Dalton and other gingers:

      Q: So... are you and Andy Dalton in a club together, something like Gingers in the NFL?

      Hekker: HAHA Cortland Finnegan always calls me Andy Dalton when I am throwing the ball around at practice. There is a few other gingers in the league that deserve mention as well...Two are even punters. Me, STL snapper Jake Mcquaide, Tim Masthay, Jon Ryan, Andy Dalton, Pat and Paul McQuistan...just to name a few. We are making a comeback!

      On Pokemon:

      Q: Who is your favorite pokemon?

      Hekker: Hitmonlee...the dude could drop bombs as a punter.

      The questions and answers you see here are only a small portion of the entire AMA. You can check out the entire thread here.

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