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St. Louis Rams Over the Cap Limit

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According to the NFL website, the Rams are a few million dollars over the salary cap. If this is the case, the Rams can find themselves in a pickle when it comes to signing free agents.


Most of us, including myself, thought the St. Louis Rams were under the cap limit – a cool $10 million under the cap. But according to the NFL website, the Rams are actually $2.3 million OVER the cap heading into free agency.

The article, however, does not make the circumstances surrounding this salary cap figure. It does not say if it takes in consideration pending free agents – money that will be coming off the books.

If this cap number represents the scenario after the expiring contracts, the Rams could find themselves in a tough situation. Their impact in free agency can be less flashy than expected. It will probably discount making big moves like signing safety Jairus Byrd, a move popular among fans.

The Rams can make some moves to clear up space. The team can cut offensive tackle Wayne Hunter and safety Quintin Mikell, who are set to make $4 and $6 million, respectively. These men were mentioned as possible cuts, even when the cap space was rumored to be $10 million.

Whatever the situation concerning the cap space is, watch out for possible roster moves.

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