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Who will Titus Young sucker punch next?

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Who will be the first victim to incur the wrath of angry young man Titus Young?

Leon Halip

The eagle has landed. More accurately, the Lion is in the Rams den, no, wait ... enough with the animal analogies. A week after being claimed by the St. Louis Rams, former Detroit Lions wide receiver TItus Young was at Rams Park on Wednesday for a physical and a chance to meet the staff, as reported by Jim Thomas.

Hopefully, he did not inform anyone that he was better than Torry Holt or Isaac Bruce. Not yet anyway.

How far Young makes it with the Rams remains to be seen. For now, we're setting odds on who he'll sucker punch when offseason workouts begin. We went to Twitter for some help.

Cortland Finnegan was a popular choice, just in case Young thinks he might be as good as Andre Johnson.

There were some strange choices too.

Yikes, what did poor Bernie do?

And JT? Does he mean Jim Thomas? Why?

Alright, who you got?