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Rams To Hire Tim Walton as Defensive Coordinator

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The Rams have found their man, for real this time. I hope.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Is this it? Can we finally put the defensive coordinator saga of 2013 to rest? It appears that the Rams plan to hire Tim Walton, the Lions DB coach, as their defensive coordinator:

Walton interviewed on Monday and the Rams made their decision late Tuesday night (read into that what you will). Walton worked with the Lions since the start of Jim Schwartz's reign, so if you look into the connection with Jeff Fisher's former accomplice, you'd have to assume it couldn't have hurt Walton's chances.

Detroit's secondary wasn't anything to write home about, but the Rams arguably have more talent and will most likely add new faces during the offseason to bolster key positions. It seemed clear during the hiring process that the Rams were looking for someone who could jive with the current staff, something Blake Williams obviously couldn't do.

The Pride of Detroit, our sister site up North, had this to say about Walton:

This is really a tough loss for the Lions. The results may not reflect the notion that Walton is an excellent coach, but he is very highly thought of in the NFL, as evidenced by the Rams making him their new defensive coordinator.

I'd also recommend you check out this in-depth look at Walton and his coaching history by New Era Rams.