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Les Snead Interview: Not A Make Or Break Year For Sam Bradford

Les Snead was on NFL AM this morning, and he had a very lengthy almost 10 minute long interview. It was more informative then you think it would be, and they discussed Sam Bradford, Janoris Jenkins, The Honey Badger, Steven Jackson, Titus Young, Jeff Fisher as well as the defensive coordinator search.


This morning, Rams GM Les Snead was interviewed by the NFL AM crew on NFL Network. Since I'm sure the majority of you missed this because of work, school, or important in the morning stuff, I listed the highlights of the interview. I tried to duplicate what he was saying, but there might be a couple of missed words, here and there, but nothing big. Besides, you can click on the link above and watch it for yourself.

After reading or watching, if you didn't believe in Les Snead before, it will be hard not to believe in the man and his vision for the Rams.

Les Snead on Bradford:

I don't think it's a make or break season at all.

Note the story of what Sam Bradford told him after the season:

He explained to me that this will be the first time where he can actually go, "You know what? I want to improve on this, this and this, and let's get better," versus, "Here comes a new offense and now I got to memorize a whole bunch of new terminology."

For all the negative that has been said about Sam Bradford, it's a positive that Les Snead has already acknowledged that no matter what happens they are on Bradford's side. Now Sam doesn't have to look over his shoulder while preparing for this season, at Austin Davis or any quarterback that will pop up in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Les Snead on Steven Jackson:

I'm not going to get into the contract thing on the air, but here's what I can tell you -- that situation is a priority. It's active.

It sounds like the Rams are searching for a solution like we already heard in the past. There's no chance that Steven Jackson will return to the Rams with his current contract situation. The deadline will be here next month, but hopefully the Rams and Jackson work something out and he retires a Ram.

Snead on Titus Young:

I think we're all going to look at the waiver wire.

He praised the players the Rams picked up on waiver wire this year for coming in and contributing in important situations (Shelley Smith, Joseph Barksdale notably) and a private workout with Titus Young when Snead was with the Falcons:

He's a very talented kid. He was passionate that day. We ran him hard, and he just kept wanting to run routes. You remember things like that in a workout, and you're going to come in and give the kid a chance, put a plan together, and we gotta work together to make the decision work.

Hopefully the plan that the Rams have together for Titus Young works. He is talented, but if a team was so ready to cut a player with his potential, you have to be ready when you acquire him.

Snead on defensive coordinator:

After a little discussion saying that Jeff Fisher is patient, he talks up his defense staff and says that Jeff wants to know the person, and that the person and staff have to get a good feel of each other.

Now if Janoris Jenkins plays 10 yards off his man on 3rd and short, we know who to direct all criticism to. In all seriousness, I'm sure we will have a coordinator before free agency.

Competing in the NFC West and beyond:

He starts off joking about adding some of the NFL AM crew to the team and telling a story about how everyone said the NFC West would be easy.

We know this, [the Seahawks and 49ers] are improving. We're trying to improve. So were going to have to evolve even further to continue catching those two teams.

It will be interesting to see if the Rams add a couple players in the draft with speed to catch the new quarterbacks that the NFC West started last season.