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St. Louis Rams Defense: Filling In The Blanks

The work of an NFL General Manager is never done…and neither is yours. Yesterday, you addressed some of the holes on the offensive side of the ball by filling in the blanks. Today, you’ll take on the defense, which was certainly a bright spot in 2012. It’s time to finalize the 2013 Rams defense!


Rams Who Hit Free Agency In 2013

* LB: Justin Cole & Mario Haggan
* CB: Bradley Fletcher
* DT: Jermelle Cudjo & Trevor Laws
* DE: William Hayes
* S: Craig Dahl & Darian Stewart

It’s no secret that the Safety position will need to be addressed, whether it be in Free Agency or in April’s Draft. Craig Dahl is under constant scrutiny from Rams fans, but is he disposable? Darian Stewart saw minimal playing time in 2012, despite what seem to be respectable results when he does. Quintin Mikell is slated to make $6mil in 2013, and $9mil against the cap. That’s a lot of dough, and as you’ll see below, there’s more work to be done on Defense than there was on offense [in terms of solidifying final roster spots]. No Dahl or Mikell in 2013? You comfortable with that, Mr. GM?

The linebacker position needs equally as much attention. It’s apparent that Rocky McIntosh wasn’t the answer at starting SAM LB in 2012, but he could he be valuable in the backup role, or is it time to send him packing? Justin Cole and Mario Haggan are FA’s. Is it time for Sammy Brown - Undrafted Free Agent from 2012 - to step up?

Remember, you can use Free Agency and the Draft to build your defensive squad, but this isn’t about building a super-team. Use the confines of what minimal cap space the Rams do have, along with some backup players who performed admirably in 2012 to finalize your depth chart...

RDE: Robert Quinn

RDE: ___________________

* Potentially: Eugene Sims, Free Agent, Rookie

RDT: Michael Brockers

RDT: ____________________

* Potentially: Jermelle Cudjo, Free Agent, Rookie

LDT: Kendall Langford

LDT: ____________________

* Potentially: Matthew Conrath, Free Agent, Rookie

LDE: Chris Long

LDE: ____________________

* Potentially: Williams Hayes, Free Agent, Rookie

SLB: ____________________

SLB: ____________________

* Potentially: Rocky McIntosh, Mario Haggan, Sammy Brown, Free Agent, Rookie

MLB: James Laurinaitis

MLB: _____________________

* Potentially: Josh Hull, Free Agent, Rookie

WLB: Jo-Lonn Dunbar

WLB: ______________________

* Potentially: Justin Cole, Free Agent, Rookie

Cornerback: Cortland Finnegan

Cornerback: Janoris Jenkins

Cornerback: Trumaine Johnson

Cornerback: __________________

* Potentially: Bradley Fletcher, Free Agent, Rookie

SS: ____________________

SS: ____________________

* Potentially: Craig Dahl, Darian Stewart, Matthew Daniels, Free Agent, Rookie

FS: _____________________

FS: _____________________

* Potentially: Quintin Mikell, Rodney McLeod, Free Agent, Rookie

….so that’s NINE ‘locks’ for 2013, and THIRTEEN blanks that need filling. Have at it! Post your depth-filling names in the comments below.

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