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Rams 10, Cardinals 30: Regressing Is Mean

The Rams limped through a performance in which they could get no offense, leaving them inept as to stem the tide of an offense that had a muted passing game clicking.

Christian Petersen

The Rams have won just two of their last seven games, six of which they've played with Kellen Clemens guiding the on-field ship.

The Rams are 5-8, and the playoffs are, yet again, outside of our experience.

The Rams' offensive line was dominated today, making it nearly impossible to see Clemens perform anywhere near success and rendering Zac Stacy into a very unremarkable Staced God role.

The Rams' defense dealt with a Cardinals offense that was under no pressure to deliver much in significant order, meaning Carson Palmer was primed to take easy pickings across the field. He did that well, finishing 27 of 32 for just under 270 yards. Run defense was much stronger, but it was a futile attempt given the lack of offensive support when the Rams had the ball.

The Rams' brightest weapon, Tavon Austin, found momentary brightness before the nerves that connect his ankle to his brain reminded him that they are there and ankles only have so many positions they are capable of sustaining.

The Rams dealt with a refereeing crew that was intent on assuring us that for this generation and generations to come, we will be able to hate referees with unending consistency.

The Rams have a season to finish out that, as much as it pains to realize for umpteenth time, ends up being a season that's more about next year than the one they're in.