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Thursday Night Football: Jaguars-Texans Open Thread

A Thursday night content between the Jaguars and Texans who have just a combined five wins are playing their way to top 10 picks. A win by Houston would put the status of the #1 pick in the 2014 NFL Draft within distance for the Rams...

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not recommending you watch this game. I'm really not. But I am suggesting you pay attention.

The Rams are in the mix for a top draft pick thanks to the Redskins and the struggles of a particular Robert Griffin (hint: not Robert Griffin, Sr.). Tonight's game has direct application to that pick. If Houston, sitting at 2-10, is able to pick up a win tonight, the Rams would be in line for the 1st or 2nd pick depending on how you calculate strength of schedule.

If you include the records of the teams the Redskins have yet to play, a Texans win would bump them up to the second pick behind the Jaguars. If you only look at the records of the teams the Redskins have already played, a win by Andre Johnson & Co. would line the Rams up for the first overall pick.

The bottom line is that every Redskins game is more important than the fates of the other teams. Washington's not paying tonight, so keep an eye on the line just above the bottom one.