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Random Ramsdom, 12/4: Hanging On

Rams head to Arizona clinging to slim playoff hopes. Can the Rams remain unbeaten this year against the Cardinals, or will they plunge further into the bottom of the NFC West?

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How does Marcus Mariota returning to college affect the Rams?

Marcus Mariota was only 19 years old for much of the season. He just turned 20 years old. That is awfully young to be selected at the top of the draft to save a struggling franchise. I could not wrap my mind around a scenario in which a 20 year old kid would be advised to come out early. In this case, I was right. He made the right call. Frankly, I'm surprised "insiders" actually thought he might declare.

Rams drop once again in power rankings

It should come as no surprise after the letdown in San Fransisco that the Rams once again fell in the power rankings. The Rams need to prove to fans and the media that they can consistently play good football before anyone has them in the top 15. The Rams have flashed the ability to play well-rounded dominant football at times the last few years, but have yet to do it with consistency.

Dome owners fight to keep Rams in St. Louis

It's hard for me to comment on this as I feel as though no one really knows what Stan Kroenke is trying to do besides his inner circle. Without knowing his agenda, we can all only speculate on his plans for the Rams. If you live in St. Louis, you can remain hopeful that the CVC appears to be open to creative and flexible ways to keep the team. I think if there is anything Kroenke is particularly interested in here, it is creative approaches to ownership and revenue generation.

RGIII trade is the gift that keeps on giving

The referees Monday night must have received a nice check from Les Snead after the game. As of right now, the Rams hold the #2 pick in the draft, and it could get even better. The Redskins do not have an easy schedule the rest of the way.

Rams frustrated by loss in SF, but not embarrassed

Watching the game last Sunday, it's obvious the Rams were not holding back. They played to their best ability. Unfortunately, their best is not currently good enough to beat the 49ers. It was last year. The Rams are young. The Rams have very little experience. The Rams are filled with talent. Next year there will be no reason the team shouldn't be good enough to beat the 49ers.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>Here&#39;s the WR playing time breakdown from Sunday: Austin 49 plays, Givens 45, Pettis 28, Quick 24, Bailey 22.</p>&mdash; Jim Thomas (@jthom1) <a href="">December 2, 2013</a></blockquote>
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The Rams receiving corp is probably one of the biggest disappointments this year. The Rams were counting on this group to start the year, and had to abandon their offensive plan for a different one halfway through the season because the output had been so poor. Below are the snap counts from San Fransisco. Who do you believe needs to be getting more or less snaps?

Checkout the Jeff Fisher show from this week - courtesy of 101ESPN St. Louis