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2014 NFL Draft: Rams open for trading second overall pick

The Rams would like to flip the last of their RGIII bounty into more picks, the gift that keeps on giving.


Les Snead is on the verge of creating his own horn 'o plenty in the NFL draft. The regular season ended Sunday, and the St. Louis Rams have the second overall pick, courtesy of their 2012 trade with Washington. Snead made it clear to Peter King of that he's ready and waiting and hoping to field offers for that pick.

Snead made it clear that, with the second pick, the Rams are open for business. He'd like to get an extra first-rounder out of the deal if possible ...

Said Snead:

"There are going to be some teams that want to pick a quarterback," said Snead, "and that could increase the value of our pick. I have told people I'm not sure I know how to draft without multiple first-round picks, so I'm always going to be interested when it comes to making sure I can continue to do that."

Flipping that pick into more would do wonders for the Rams cap situation, giving them additional first-round players at low, low prices. That would also make the team on the field, one of the NFL's youngest, reliant on young veterans to bring along the newbies. Of course, the cap room could allow for a key veteran addition or two to help the experience factor.

And what if the Rams don't trade that pick? It's not the end of the world. There's plenty of talent to be had there, including offensive tackle Jake Matthews who could help shore up an offensive line with more questions than answers for 2014.