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St. Louis Rams - Seattle Seahawks: "LIVE" Second Half Thread

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

In a defensive game where neither side is giving much up, it's been the Rams' Kellen Clemens whose given up the only touchdown of the game. In one of his two first half interceptions - both were ugly throws - he overthrew Lance Kendricks, straight into the hands of Seattle linebacker Malcolm Smith.

Zac Stacy has three yards rushing on 10 attempts, and the Rams' center Tim Barnes has been manhandled by the Seahawks Brandon Mebane the entire first 30 minutes of play.

This game is flat out brutal from a defensive stand point. The Rams have 3 sacks, but Robert Quinn has been held in check so far. It 13-0, Seahawks as the second half is about to get underway.

Enjoy the game, and GO ROBERT QUINN!