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The Rams can play spoiler against the Seahawks

The Rams beating the Seahawks could ruin Seattle's season.

I'm coming for you Pete.
I'm coming for you Pete.

It has to be hard to play week-to-week if you're the St. Louis Rams. They lost Sam Bradford to a torn ACL against the Carolina Panthers, and it appeared that the season was over for the Rams. However, they scratched and clawed through the season relying on new quarterback Kellen Clemens and defensive end Robert Quinn. Now the Rams will end their season against the Seattle Seahawks and will hopefully finish the season 8-8.

While finishing the season 8-8 would be great for this young team, the Rams will also help play spoiler against the Seahawks with a win. Here's Tim Connolly from Field Gulls on how a Rams win could make the Seahawks lose out on home field advantage.

Seattle has been in the driver's seat for homefield advantage since Week 13, and that really hasn't changed, bumps in the road notwithstanding. A win, or a loss by the 49ers, gives them the #1 seed in the playoffs, and the first-round bye and homefield advantage. A loss and a 49ers win, however, sends them all the way down to the #5 seed.

The San Francisco 49ers would benefit from the Seahawks losing. Beating the Seahawks, and keeping them from being the top seed in the playoffs should give the Rams another goal to achieve this Sunday. Besides beating the Seahawks in their home is an accomplishment on it's own, and if the Rams can do it that's something to build on next year.