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Santa Claus puts the best presents under trees of Rams fans

Santa climbed down chimneys worldwide and left Rams gear under the trees of many fans.


Santa knows how to spoil a Rams fan. Take a look at the gifts he left under the trees of these fans. From cups to gloves, to FatHeads and jerseys, fans awoke to awesome presents of blue and gold. Thanks, Mr. Claus!

Santa tries his best to give you the gifts you ask for. Other times, it's up to that special someone to search high and low for the gift you want, but didn't know you want. Just ask Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brockers:

What did Santa bring you? You can tweet us a photo (and we'll toss it into our custom timeline above) or you can drop a photo in the comments below or on Facebook.

Merry Christmas, my friends!