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College Open Thread: Beef 'O' Beefy Beef O 'Beef oBeef Bowl''

This one's for all the apostrophes.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

All the beef. All the apostrophes. All the regional chain restaurant fried appetizers.

Name Pos Yr School 3k's proj. round

Beef 'O' Brady's Bowl; St. Petersburg, FL

E. Carolina vs. Ohio (ESPN, 2:00pm)

Derrell Johnson OLB Sr. ECU 5-UD
Damon Magazu FS Sr. ECU 6-UD
Justin Hardy WR Jr. ECU 7-UD
Montese Overton OLB RS Soph. ECU 7-UD
Will Simmons G RS Sr. ECU UD
Jeremy Grove ILB RS Jr. ECU UD
Shane Carden QB Jr. ECU UD
Josh Hawkins CB RS Soph. ECU UD
Terrell Stanley DE RS Soph. ECU UD
Johnathon White DE RS Soph. ECU UD
Ike Harris LT RS Soph. ECU UD
Tre Robertson RT RS Soph. ECU UD
Isaiah Jones WR Fr. ECU N/A
Travis Carrie CB RS Sr. Ohio UD
Tyler Tettleton QB RS Sr. Ohio UD
John Prior OT RS Sr. Ohio UD
Mike Lucas OG RS Sr. Ohio UD
Jovon Johnson OLB RS Sr. Ohio UD
Kurt Laseak DE RS Fr. Ohio N/A
Tarell Basham DE Fr. Ohio N/A

Well...not a ton here. But maybe there's a diamond in the rough to go along with some special teams work to be had. And obviously youth and potential always promises a different tomorrow.