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Can The Rams Finish With A 8-8 Record?

The Rams won't make the playoffs, but 8-8 is the next best thing for this young team.

The Rams have been rallying behind Kellen Clemens and playing good football.
The Rams have been rallying behind Kellen Clemens and playing good football.
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Rams are currently 6-8 after defeating the New Orleans Saints with two games remaining on their schedule. That brings up a good question...

Can the Rams finish the season with an 8-8 record for the first time since 2006?

It's possible. The Rams will be playing against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in week 16 and will finish the year against the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle. Both games are games are winnable.

The Buccaneers aren't pushovers, but they have been inconsistent no matter if it's Josh Freeman quarterbacking or Mike Glennon. After losing to the Seahawks 24-27, the Buccaneers went on a three-game win streak beating the Miami Dolphins, Atlanta Falcons and Detroit Lions. Two of those three teams are currently fighting for wildcard spots . In the last three weeks, they have gotten blown out by the San Francisco 49ers and the Carolina Panthers, but the managed to handle the Buffalo Bills. However, if the Rams defense plays like they did against the Saints the Rams should be able to score enough to beat the Buccaneers.

The Seahawks are a different story. The Rams should have beaten the Seahawks when they hosted them week 8. It was a tall order to expect a backup quarterback to win a game against what is probably the best team in the NFC in his first start, but the game was right there for the Rams. Now that that missed opportunity is behind them, the team will get their chance for redemption. It's going to be hard to beat the Seahawks in Seattle in December. Could their head coach Pete Carroll rest his starters for the playoffs? That's an option, but he could use the Rams to help the Seahawks prepare for the playoffs also.

Finishing 8-8 would be a great milestone. They would finish with a better record than last season, which no one thought was possible when Sam Bradford got injured for the season. Kellen Clemens has been a surprise fill in for Bradford, and players like Robert Quinn have started to show up for the team. A .500 record would be a good look in the right direction.

It may not be what the team envisioned the 2013-2014 would look like, but it would be hard to not be impressed by their progress and the potential of the team.