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2014 NFL Draft order: Washington loss leaves Rams at No. 2

The Rams still have a very good shot at the second pick in the draft. Can they get the first one by virtue of Washington's incompetence?

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

There's no need for us to dig into the meltdown in DC. Mike Shanahan's decision to start Kirk Cousins this week against the Falcons almost paid off ... almost. They lost on a failed two-point conversion, a missed opportunity that keeps the St. Louis Rams in the cat bird seat for the second overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Washington host the Cowboys next week before finishing on the road against the Giants. This being the NFC East, anything is possible. Cousins gets a favorable matchup against a terrible Dallas defense, and you never know when Tony Romo will embrace his inner gunslinger at the worst possible time. As hard as it is to day, Rams fans should really be rooting for Dallas next Sunday.

That Week 17 matchup against the Giants would seem to favor New York, but Eli Manning is playing worse than RGIII was when he got benched in the Shanahan/Snyder custody battle. A Washington win in either of those games could drop the Rams as low as the fourth spot in the draft order based on strength of schedule.

The odds for landing the top pick look like more of a stretch than they were last week. Houston has the top spot locked down after this week's loss to the Colts, which was arguably the most beatable left team on their schedule. The Texans play the Broncos in Week 16. Our best hope of moving into the top spot hinges on the Texans beating the Titans in Week 17.

Houston's last win of the season was a 30-24 overtime victory against the Titans, so there's that.

First pick, second, third or fourth ... it's all gravy for the Rams at this point.

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