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Rams 27, Saints 16. That Happened.

Football is a thing.

Michael Thomas

There are things I understand.

Math follows rules. Politics is a science. Pasta cooks in boiling water.

These things make sense.

Today the Rams beat the New Orleans Saints pretty easily. They only scored three points in the second half, but that was largely because they needed to score 0 points in the second half. The Rams held the league's second-best passing attack in yards per game to three points through three quarters.

There was plenty to dissect here. Robert Quinn is good. Things went reaaaaaaally well early with some fortunate turnovers, a successful onside kick and the sight of Cory Harkey running with the football for nearly 100 feet. After that, the defense locked in and this was pretty straightforward.

What's weird is that we haven't seen a ton of this all year. The Rams aren't a good team. But they're not a bad team. And it's confusing to see these kinds of things when Sam Bradford isn't playing and when Tavon Austin isn't playing.

But football has so many variables, it's hard to know which will determine the outcome of any specific game on any specific day.

Today, this game belonged to the Rams.