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Darnell Dockett fined for stepping on Chris Williams' hand

Finally, a fine that does make sense.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Rams loss to the Arizona Cardinals last week included so many unforgettable moments. Well, not really. But one that did stand out was Darnell Dockett stomping on Chris Williams' hand after a play.

What exactly Dockett was pissed off about wasn't clear. It was pretty clear what Williams was pissed off about when he stood up from the pile, considering his hand took the weight of Dockett's temper. Here's another look at that play.



Dockett will notice a difference in his next pay check for the move. It'll be a little smaller.

Seems fair.

Still, it's hard to be upset with Dockett. He's got the best Twitter feed in the entire NFL right now. A sampling:

And, of course, who could forget his epic interaction with Katherine Webb, when he offered to take her to Wing Stop and the King of Diamonds strip club?