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Fantasy Football Start 'Em Sit 'Em Week 15

Cannot decide who to start in your playoff game, ask out fantasy expert for his opinion

Justin Edmonds

Welcome to another installment of who to start and who to sit while making your weekly fantasy football lineup decisions for the second week of the playoffs. We went 14-8 in the start ‘em portion and 9-9 in the sit ‘em portion, worst week in awhile. Let's get to this week's list:

Start ‘Em

· Tom Brady - Keep riding the hot hand, even without Gronk.

· Phillip Rivers - He plays well versus the Broncos and should have to throw all game. (He's got 2 TDs through the first half).

· Alex Smith - He has been a top 10 QB over the past several weeks.

· Matt Ryan - He has a great match up, plus White seems to be hitting his stride.

· Kirk Cousins - This is a great match up for his trade-for-a-draft-pick rehearsal.

· Ben Tate - He had a shaky game last week, but should explode vs the Colts.

· Le'Veon Bell - Even if he does not have a great running game, he is getting at least six targets a game.

· Steven Jackson - He has been getting the carries, and with the Redskins on board, he should be good.

· Danny Woodhead - Expecting a ton of passes; he should have a big game in Denver.

· Pierre Thomas - The Rams have been solid versus the run, but he gets enough targets with Sproles not playing as much these days.

· Torrey Smith - Could not handle the snow but he should shine in dome vs the Lions.

· Keenan Allen - The best rookie season in years will continue.

· Jordy Nelson - He is solid even with bad QB play, pencil him in for 80 yards and a possible touchdown.

· Riley Cooper - He is a favorite of Foles, and has an easy matchup vs the Vikings.

· Julian Edelman - He will shine again like he did last time Gronk was out.

· Dwayne Bowe - He has a TD in three of the last four weeks and should continue this week.

· Mike Wallace - The Patriots got killed by the Browns and Campbell last week, expect more of the same from Wallace.

· Delanie Walker - He is healthy and gets the worst tight end defense in the league.

· Dennis Pitta - He came back strong with 11 targets last week.

Bench ‘Em

· Russell Wilson - On the road, in bad weather and against a secondary that has played well.

· Colin Kaepernick - He has been just average and without running is not a startable fantasy QB.

· Toby Gerhart - He is banged up, and the Eagles are an improving defense.

· Fred Jackson - Jaguars have been a top 10 run defense the past 4 weeks, stay away.

· C.J. Spiller - See above

· Chris Johnson - He looked awful, plus gets a tough Cardinals defense.

· Bobby Rainey - He is all or nothing, and I see the 49ers holding him down.

· Chris Ivory - Another tough defense in Carolina shuts him down.

· Ray Rice - He did have 100 yards last week, but still struggling plus the tough match up keeps him on the bench.

· Vincent Jackson - Glennon is struggling a bit, and he runs into the 49ers defense.

· Steve Smith - Even with a great matchup, he just does not put up good enough numbers.

· T.Y. Hilton - Now five weeks in a row with less than 50 yards, stay away.

· Coby Fleener - He is just too inconsistent to be started in the playoffs.

Have a great week and let me know if you have any questions.

Fantasy Mike