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Random Ramsdom 12/11: Moving Forward

After the Rams heartbreaking loss in Arizona, the Rams return home without a chance at a playoff birth. How will the team finish the season, and what does the future hold?

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Rams team report:

One of the main things discussed in this article is the Rams divisional record. The Rams were fiercely competitive within the division last year. This year it has been the total opposite. Injuries and inexperience have likely played a large role in the downturn, but how quickly should fans expect things to turn around within the division? Fans will hope Jeff Fisher has something up his sleeves for 2014.

Potential suitors for Rams gift from Washington

Jeff Fisher and Les Snead are likely licking their chops at the smorgasbord of picks they will likely devour this off-season.

Saints - Rams scouting report:

Well, they got a few things right on the money. However, they did call the special teams unit the most consistent this year. Wait, they actually might be right about that. Just goes to show how talent has flashed this year, and how it has failed to burn bright at times as well.

Historically, the Rams have put it on the Saints at home. So St. Louis might not be as over-matched as many might think in this one.

Is defensive regression Jeff Fisher, coaching staffs fault?

The Rams defense had very high expectations heading into the year. The Rams brought in two young safeties to get their first real experience in the NFL and a highly touted rookie linebacker. They added those pieces to a defense with 3 - 1st round picks, 2 - 2nd round picks, 2 - 3rd round picks, and 2 priority free agents. Tim Walton was given the task of organizing this unit, and the results have been a huge letdown. It's hard to really pin the blame on one exact spot, but it's hard for fans to watch pass after completed pass and not wonder why mistakes are constantly made. You also have to wonder why certain teams have gashed the Rams stout front 7, while other have been completely shut out. Will this disappointing year lead to coaching staff changes?

Rams fall to #20 in the Power Rankings:

It's a pretty honorable spot for a team that is currently 1-4 in it's own division. The only way I see the Rams rising above this spot is if they can pull out 2-3 wins to finish the season. But, who cares? It's useless power rankings.

Redskins watch:

It seems like Shanahan is trying to epically tank the Redskins at this point. That's great news for the Rams. It's a little disappointing that fans have to rely on the Texans to win a game to put Washington in the drivers seat, but anything can happen. In the meantime, stay up to date with all the Shanahan news below...

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The lost decade:

I can't stress enough how great of a job Nick Wagoner has done covering the Rams this year. This piece from yesterday paints a picture of a bleak past for the Rams, but the future looks considerably brighter, right? No, it does. It can't get much worse than what fans just went through.

Knee injuries becoming big problem, or are they?

The stats show a rise in knee injuries this year, but is it an anomaly, or a sign of change. Have the new rules really created a product that produces more knee injuries. Without further data I won't make that leap, but it's fair to speculate.

Thanks Shanny! Have a great week Rams fans!
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