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The Rams have a lot of money on IR

Nearly a quarter of the St. Louis Rams 2013 salary cap commitment is on IR.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Rams only have six players on injured reserve. That's roughly 279.6 percent less of the roster than the team had on the shelf during the years 2006 through 2011. Progress. Those six players also happen to add up to 23.4 percent of the team's 2013 salary cap.

Well, duh, that's because of Sam Bradford, right? Yes, but the quarterback with the big contract doesn't represent as much of that as you might think he does.

Bradford's cap cost this year is $12.595 million. Hefty, but not quite what Cortland Finnegan, his fellow IR resident, counts against the cap. The veteran corner on IR with an eye injury has a cap hit of $15 million this season. Two players, $27.595 million worth of cap space.

The next largest cap hit on IR is Matt Daniels, at $327,157. Full cap numbers are here, via Over the Cap.

Finnegan is actually the team's biggest cap cost this season. Bradford's is the second-highest one, followed by James Laurinaitis and Chris Long.

You could probably add another to that list, except Scott Wells hasn't been placed on IR. Wells carries a cap hit this season of $6.5 million. He's out with a broken fibula (leg) that he suffered in Week 13. That injury is expected to keep him on the shelf 4-6 weeks, which coincides with the end of the season.