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Zac Stacy is Kellen Clemens' best friend and might just save the Rams offense

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If the Rams can keep running the ball as effectively as they have been, they'll have a shot to win some more games this season, eventually.

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We get a lot of good questions, comments and feedback from the Twitter lines. It's not surprising. TST readers are a smart bunch. Two seemingly tweets on Friday made for some good insight into one key issue for the St. Louis Rams offense.

Specifically, it's got to do with Kellen Clemens and Zac Stacy ... who are our Teammates of the Week. (That's right video game company, just put that sweet, sweet sponsor money right there ... no, there, next to the gold bars ... perfect).

No, there really isn't a chance we'll see Austin Davis this week or anytime this season, unless Clemens just totally craps out in the middle of the game. His experience gives him an edge over the other quarterbacks on the roster now that Sam Bradford's on IR. The ability level of Clemens and Davis is roughly similar, and both top Brady Quinn.

Add in the offensive line which is playing well this season, especially on the edges in terms of pass protection. But what's going to help Clemens or any Rams quarterback more than anything is Zac Stacy.

The Rams scrapped most of whatever bastardized spread offense Brian Schottenheimer cooked up in the blue nad gold recreational vehicle abandoned at the Super Wal-Mart in Earth City just in time for the Week 5 game against Jacksonville. That's when the Rams finally started running the ball, with an emphasis on it early in the game.

It's been three weeks since the Rams last won a game, but they've at least managed to keep themselves in it against a tough opponent like the Seahawks and a mediocre opponent like the Titans by sticking with Stacy and the ground game.

Why does it work? It should be fairly obvious. Running the ball gets a defense focused on stopping it at the expense of the pass. It sets up the play action where the Rams can take deep shots to guys like Chris Givens of Tavon Austin. Football 101 stuff that was completely absent from the playbook through the first four games of the season.

It's going to be harder for the Rams to win from week to week through the rest of the season with a backup quarterback and a defense that can't find any middle ground for mediocrity. But if the offense can grind up clock time and opposing defenses with Zac Stacy, it makes Kellen Clemens' job that much easier ... and gives the Rams a shot in (almost) every game.

And that's why Kellen Clemens and Zac Stacy are your teammates of the week. Now, fat stacks from national sponsors in hand, I'm going to go light cigars with c-notes and pay people to fan me with palm leaves. I've got to get off my heels and on my wheels.