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St. Louis Rams @ Indianapolis Colts: Predictions

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Our writers preview Sunday's matchup.

His name is now Mighty Mouse. Accept it.
His name is now Mighty Mouse. Accept it.
Dilip Vishwanat

The Rams will be in Indianapolis Sunday to take on the 6-2 Colts in a game that could change the fortunes of the team around. If they lose, they stand at 3-7, and any dream of finishing around .500 is gone. But if the Rams win, they will be 4-6 with a more favorable schedule down the stretch.

So what do our writers think? Will the Rams pick up a big win?

Eddie P

Colts win, 34-13.

Andrew Luck will have a field day with the Rams secondary. The defense will make Trent Richardson look like that 1st rounder he was. Kellen Clemens will be Kellen Clemens.

Joseph Stanfill

The Rams have improved on the ground over the course of the season. That upward trend continues against the Colts defense. Zac Stacy is hitting his stride as the focus of the Rams offense. Andrew Luck is the quarterback the Rams wish they had. With an accurate arm and more importantly, a brilliant football mind, Luck and company pick apart a defensive secondary to jump on a big lead early negating the Rams ground and pound. Kellen Clemens has played OK, but he is the 2 door hatch back, the only car left in the rental lot. He won't be able to rally the Rams in time. The clock expires with Luck kneeling the ball to end the game.

Rams 24 Colts 42

Eric Nagel

Colts 17 Rams 14

I think it's going to be closer than you expect, but the Rams simply find ways to lose with Sam Bradford gone. Another close game goes down as a L.

Tyler Bishop

Colts: 24 - Rams: 20

The score looks close, but the Colts play ball control even better than the Rams. The Colts beat Rams at their own game and control the game from the first snap. The Rams play from a 7 point deficit for the entire game, but are able to stay within striking distance. Unfortunately, this Rams team is masterful at keep it close and losing as of late. Afterwards, the Rams efforts will be applauded, but criticism will remain valid, as their "best" performance still isn't strong enough to win.

Tevin Broner

24-21 Colts

Well it's simple. The Colts defensive isn't great and the Colts offense will be without Reggie Wayne. Their running game is average at best even with Trent Richardson. The game should be interesting, but they should score just enough to sneak away with a win.

Joe Mazzi

This is a game in which few -- if any -- experts see the Rams competing. Thus, it is sure to be to be a close battle and entertaining until the end. The Colts' defense, although improved, is susceptible to big plays. Unfortunately, their offense is more than capable of making up for them. The Rams start hot on both sides of the ball, but their luck (Ugh...) eventually runs out. Unable to build a lead and sustain late crucial drives, St. Louis seems destined for third consecutive heart break.
Moral victories: Zac Stacy again eclipses 100 yards rushing and Greg Zuerlein returns to rookie form.

Colts win 30-23


Colts 31 - Rams 17

I just don't see this one positively. Luck's been too proficient without a running game to lean on. The Rams' run defense makes things even easier for Indy. On the other side, the Rams might have some success only as far as they lean on Zac Stacy who's already playing hobbled in year one. The Colts' passing defense has been adequate where their run defense has been too porous for a team hoping to go deep in the playoffs. The Rams might exploit that, but if they get in a hole and have to rely on Kellen Clemens and the passing game...well, you don't want to rely on Kellen Clemens. Ever.

Brandon Birkhead

I don't know why, but a wave of optimism has come over me. It's most likely because I only have five weeks left until winter break starts and I can get our of this semester from hell, but I'm going to ride it.

I think the Rams defense is going to be big in this game. Robert Quinn and Chris Long should be able to pressure Andrew Luck all day. If that happens, the Rams can get some turnovers to put the offense in good field position.

The Rams should also be able to keep riding Zac Stacy and the running game against the 27th ranked rush defense in the league. Another big day for Mighty Mouse.

The Colts are a good team, but not a great team . The Rams will continue playing very physically, like they have for the last few weeks, and steal one.

Rams 20 Colts 13

What is your prediction for the game? Let us know in the comments.

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