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Random Ramsdom: Thursday Night Football, Flynn, and Cosplay

Instead of playing that next Battlefield level, sit down and enjoy a dose of randomness.

Ronald Martinez


The Rams go into Lucas Oil Stadium with one thing in mind: Win. It will be difficult but it is in the realm of possibility that the Rams could fly out of Indiana with a win this Sunday. Here's to the Rams!


Thursday Night

The Vikings and the Redskins face off in Minnesota to kick off week 10 of the NFL season.

Flynn Getting Packed?- Pro Football Talk

The Packers are hardly set at quarterback with career backup Seneca Wallace under center. While Aaron Rodgers heals from a broken collar bone, the Packers need to stay competitive in a division which features three teams vying for the division title. If Flynn's arm checks out, he could possibly land on the roster.

Junk Rub- Dead Spin

As if we needed some more Richie Incognito drama, DeadSpin reports that last May a volunteer at a golf tournament run by the Dolphins was groped and humiliated by the Tazmanian Devil himself. Class act all the way this guy.

Memory Loss- USA Today

Terry Bradshaw, the four time Super Bowl champion quarterback, opened up about issues surrounding his memory loss and bouts with depression. The 65 year old NFL analyst opted out of the concussion settlement to leave more money on the table for others who might really need it.

Colts Miss Wayne- Yahoo! Sports

Reggie Wayne is out for the season. Andrew Luck and company miss the sure handed veteran. The Colts follow the next man up mentality.

What Does the Fox Say?- Mile High Report

Denver Broncos head coach John Fox is doing well after surgery. The team will miss his presence, but Peyton has it covered coach, rest up.

Fisher Up Front- St. Louis Rams Official Site

The Fish talks Titans loss and looks forward to the matchup with Indy.

Richardson Missing Practice- Pro Football Talk

While Trent Richardson isn't the catalyst pundits hoped he would be, it is worth noting that the former 1st round pick of the Cleveland Browns has sat out his second day of practice. Richardson hasn't hit his stride yet in Indianapolis, but it is only a matter of time.

Moffitt Not in it for Profit

Denver Broncos' Guard John Moffitt has called it quits just into his third NFL season. The Wisconsin product decided that his health and family are more important to him than the NFL. What would you do?


Them Austrians

There is a geek side to everyone. I played RPGs in high school, have LOTR and Star Wars marathons every year, and would give my right arm for a full on Storm Trooper get up. Cosplayers take it to another level though.

Iguana on Mars!

If you want to seriously fall down the rabbit hole of the internet, you should start here. Somebody is coockoo for cocoa puffs.

Whew! That Was a Close One!

I've got a lot of jump stories, but nothing like this one. I'm sure there were some soiled suits.


Homeless Veteran Timelapse Transformation (via RobBlissCreative)


Eminem - Berzerk (Official) (Explicit) (via EminemVEVO)

Paul Revere (via UMONKEY2)