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Random Ramsdom: November 5: St. Louis Rams - Time To Out-"Luck" Indy

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I'm filling in for "Dubs" today, so please pardon my underwhelming links numbers compared to him... - DouglasM - Traveling to Indianapolis this week, the Rams face a tough Colts team. But for now, let's just settle in for a few news headlines and links to get your Tuesday off to a great start, shall we? GOOD! Read on McDuff-s!

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The St. Louis Rams are a team no one should take lightly. Yes, they've lost a few close games the past couple weeks, but I haven't seen an ounce of "give up" or lackluster effort. I know the players are frustrated, as evidenced by the stitches William Hayes received shortly after punching a mirror following the loss to the Titans. He's not even afraid of the seven years of bad luck thing? Speaking of "Luck", I'm not sure I'd like to be the second year quarterback phenom this Sunday. Oh Andrew, there's a world of pain coming your way from one of the best defensive front four-s in the NFL...

The Rams's defense takes a step backward: ''They're correctable things but you can't be saying these things are correctable in Week 9,'' defensive end Chris Long said. ''We can't be one team one week and another team another week.'' In this little overview of the Rams-Titans game, Long hits one of many nails on the head...

Former Ram Richie Incognito shows why the Dolphins needed to keep Jake Long around. Let's face it, the only people who aren't shock by little Richie's antics are Rams fans. Abrasive and mentally flawed doesn't even begin to cover his latest troubles. The Dolphins are officially a mess right now...

Jeff Fisher's latest press conference held a couple interesting tidbits. Listen closely at the beginning, and you'll hear his thoughts on a favorite player of mine: Stedman Bailey

Zac Stacy is the NFL's best running back since he began starting for the St. Louis Rams. Yeah, I even did a double-take when I typed those word, but it's true. The rookie and former Vanderbilt star has bowled his way into the heady atmosphere of Patrick Peterson and Marshawn Lynch.

Lance Kendrick is sidelined with fractured finger - After what William Hayes did smashing a mirror, I'm wondering exactly which finger he broke?

So this was a Super Bowl alternative for Cortland Finnegan? I...I... I'm speechless? Well, Cort buddy, since it's all make believe, and the Rams lost, let's go ahead and make you MVP, OK?

One last: Remembering Richie... They're coming out in droves to throw Incognito under the bus. But why, since Richie will do it himself?

The ST. Louis Post/Dispatch is all puppies and kittens... Not really, and they don't know how to spell "Langford" either...

Remember that suspect "no pass interference" un-call in the Rams - Titans game? Well, the NFL has chimed in, and thinks it was the correct call.

Top NFL coaching candidates for next season? You'll never guess who's at the top of the list? No, his name doesn't sort of rhyme with "I-don't-know-how-to-call-plays-heimer"...

Jake Long is steadily improving... Pro Football Focus gives Long a +2.8... They sound like Russian Olympic judges?

The St. Louis Rams can still make the playoffs! - SEE! I told you so, and it says so right here it's possible. The Interwebs never lies, my friends...

You know what you need? A slideshow... What better way to start the day, than having to click on something 11 TIMES to read less than a couple hundred words... Am I right!

That's all for today. A special thank you to Brandon "DC" Bate for sending in some links, and the recipe for Tofu Hot Wings... I'll get you back, DC! I swear!

Frank's a bit under the weather, so throw some good thoughts his way today, please?