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Is the Isaiah Pead experiment over?

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Sorry Pead, it was nice knowing you.

David Welker

On Sunday, the St. Louis Rams couldn't beat the Tennesee Titans. The only bright spot of the day was fifth-round rookie Zac Stacy who ended the game with 178 yards total yards and two scores.

Lost in this one was the Rams not utilizing 2012 second-round pick, running back Isaiah Pead.  If there was a game that Pead would play or at least get a snap, it had to be against the Titans, right? Running back Daryl Richardson was out for the game, Zac Stacy had been on the injury report all week, and even rookie undrafted free agent Benny Cunningham wasn't 100%.

Yes, a player that had a phantom fumble in the game continued to get snaps while Pead was on the sidelines just humming a tune and hoping he would get his shot. In his only chance of the season, he carried the ball six times for 20 yards and had seven receptions for 43 yards. Not mind blowing numbers, but good enough to at least come in on some third downs or maybe give the Rams a change-of-pace back while Richardson was out this week. Guess not, but there has to be some reason why he isn't playing right?

It's obvious that if Pead couldn't get on the field for the Titans game, he's nowhere near the top of the totem pole. The question now is will Pead ever touch another football as a member of the Rams? Or will he become another bust?