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The St. Louis Rams vs Tennessee Titans: Quick Reaction

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Almost isn't good enough.

Michael Thomas

This has to be the story of the season: the Rams drop another winnable game losing to the Tennessee Titans 28-21. This was supposed to be the game where the team built on their moral victory loss to the Seattle Seahawks, or at least beat their head coach's old team.

However, just like the Seahawk game on Monday, the team came up short of the red zone. Rookie running back Zac Stacy - who had 178 total yards and 2 touchdowns - is the only consistent player on the Rams offense, probably because he doesn't have to rely on Clemens passes. Stedman Bailey showed up to make a play for the offense. But the miscues like Benny Cunningham fumbling inside the red zone and Greg Zuerlein missing a 44 yard field goal were too much.

The Rams defense inconsistencies reared their ugly heads once again, as they allow the Titans to score 28 points; even after Fisher told them to watch out for Chris Johnson and to take the appropriate angles. Johnson ended the game with 150 yards on the ground and 2 touchdowns. The Rams defense contained Jake Locker and picked him off twice, but the run defense has just not been there this season.

So here the Rams are - another week and another heartbreaking loss. The final drives by the Rams tell all you need to know about the their season - almost there, but just not good enough.