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St. Louis Rams - Tennessee Titans: "LIVE" Second Half Thread

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Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

This game started out with a cloud of Rams penalties, enabling the Titans to move down the field for a touchdown. Afterward, the game has turned all Rams, with Zac Stacy carrying the offensive load and the only score - the first rushing TD by a St. Louis Rams running back.

Defense is the watch word for both teams, with the Rams winning the battle and sacking Jake Locker four times in the first half. Outside of the first Titans' offensive series, they've been soundly shut down.

Cortland Finnegan and - YES - Kellen Clemens have been bright spots for the Rams thus far. Clemens hit on his first seven passes, with one going to one of my favorite Rams players who we never see: Stedman Bailey.

This is going to be a tight, close game. Stay tuned in here at Turf Show Times for all the post game coverage you could ever want! Enjoy the second half!