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St. Louis Rams - Tennessee Titans: "LIVE" Game Thread

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Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Yeah, I really haven't bought into the "happy reunion" stuff either. While I'm sure Jeff Fisher has loads of fond memories of his time with the Titans, the fan-base he left behind doesn't really sound like they're all warm and fuzzy about the game today. Still, this game does have overtones for both teams as they try to dig their ways to relevance.

There are quarterback questions on both sides - one coming back from a hip injury, and the other trying to come up with a way to not look like he has a hip injury when he throws a pass... Kellen, the only way you stop all the snark-ing at you is to simple game manage the Rams offense, and not look like "the guy we have on the roster to throw to practice squad wide receivers". Just pretend Tavon Austin is a camp body you're throwing to with no one watching?

Harvey Dahl is out, so the Rams' offensive line will dig into the depth chart to fill a tough void. The story of the day will be which Rams' DEFENSE shows up. Will it be the stifling one that fairly crushed Seattle, or the ones we've seen all year that'll make Chris Johnson and Shonne Green look like star players?

Don't be shocked if Jake Locker & Co. go straight at Cortland Finnegan. In fact, if Kenny Britt wasn't having such an awful time with dropped passes, he'd be my Titan's offensive player to watch. His size and skill set are attributes the Rams' secondary has had trouble with this season. Kendall Wright has emerged as a key weapon too; 40 catches for 433 yards - 10.8 yards per catch. Nate Washington is another Titan's receiver to keep an eye on as a deep threat.

So recline, and think sublime, as the Rams take on a tough opponent today at the Edward Jones Dome. Enjoy the game!