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Tennessee Titans Vs. St. Louis Rams: 5 Players To Watch

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In order for the Rams to beat the Titans, which players will have to come up big?

It's time
It's time
Michael Thomas

The St. Louis Rams are hosting the Tennessee Titans today, as they try to win their 4th game of the season against Jeff Fishers' former team.

This game is probably the last "must win" game of the season for a team that figures to be on the outside looking in during the playoffs. This game will be for Fisher and the players that used to play for the Titans. Maybe with a spirited win against the Titans, the Rams can start to win more games?

Chris Givens

With Sam Bradford out for the season, expect Givens to be looked at more. It's not because Kellen Clemens and Givens have great chemistry together, but he is obviously the best option the team has on offense. That sounds like a winning combination to go with a back up quarterback, right?

Tavon Austin

The Rams need to find ways to get Austin the ball. They've finally started using Austin on returns, though the team now seems to use him on offense less and less with each passing week.

However, Austin hasn't been dynamic on returns. Hopefully, all Austin needs is to get experience on returns and offense. The big plays will eventually come, right?

Chris Long/ Robert Quinn

These two had a great game against the Seattle Seahawks. Now the hope is both players will be able to do the same this week. They won't get a combined six sacks together against the Titans, but that's okay. These players need to pressure and contain Jake Locker; forcing him to make some bad throws.

If these guys can continue to bring the pressure, it will make life easier for the Rams' secondary that has been inconsistent all year. The Titans might use quick throws and runs against the Rams as long as they can, but eventually they will want to test the corners, and that's when these two defensive ends should bring the pressure.

Janoris Jenkins

Man oh man, Jenkins has had a tough last two games. He does solid work until he gives up the big play. Jenkins wants to be a great a corner in the league, and he has the potential to do so. However, those big plays that seem to haunt him have hurt the team. Honestly, if Jenkins could force turnovers like he did in 2012, there wouldn't be a problem.

Cortland Finnegan

Finnegan against his former team is easy to bring up. Finnegan has faced a difficult season, and this week he will have a tough match-up against a young, talented Kendall Wright. He's a speedy receiver who can produce big plays.

This is the type of match-up opposing teams will love to take advantage of given the chance. However, if Finnegan can contain Wright - or whoever is matched up in front of him - it will be a positive sign for the team and fans that get worried every time Finnegan comes on the field.

These are the players that I think will have to come up big for the Rams. Which players do you think will have to have a big game for the Rams to win against the Titans?