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Thanksgiving Day Thread #2 - Raiders-Cowboys

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Turkey Day football continues with a game between two teams known only for the on-field activities. No drama about these franchises whatsoever. Nope.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Let's keep this rolling.

Cowboys Thanksgiving games are always special. Bounty Bowl I. Leon Lett. Uh, anything involving Tony Romo.

The last three Cowboys games on Thanksgiving games have been decided by a total of 11 points. So if nothing else, they're at least close.

Making this one interesting is the injury front. Oakland is getting healthier as Terrelle Pryor is almost back to 100%, though he's still backing up Matt McGloin at QB today. More impactful may be the return of RB Darren McFadden who supplants Rashad Jennings who has averaged more than 5 yards in the last four games in nearly 75 carries.

Dallas on the other hand will be without Sean Lee, Morris Claiborne, Justin Durant and Dwayne Harris. At this point, the Cowboys are legitimately pushing for a playoff appearance, so their litany of injuries are making that an even more difficult road.

In any case, it's Cowboys football on Thanksgiving. It's an institution.