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Thanksgiving Day Thread #1 - Packers-Lions

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Turkey Day means a lot of things to a lot of people. If one of those things isn't football, they're doing it wrong. Very wrong.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Time for some football, folks.

We start with Packers-Lions in a matchup that has obvious playoff implications for the NFC North and beyond. Detroit's atop the conference at 6-5 right now ahead of a 6-5 Chicago Bears team and the Pack who are just behind at 5-5-1. If the Rams are relying on the hope that the NFC West puts up both wild cards, they'll need a decent number of teams to start freefalling likely including one of these two.

Beyond that, there's not much direct impact on the Rams from this one outside of draft order. Who knows, maybe come the draft either the Lions or Packers are a spot ahead of the Rams and we can point to this game as a reason why either Detroit or Green Bay gets their top option before the Rams are on the clock.

Until then, let's enjoy some Ndamukong Suh personal foulage and a complete abdication of passing defense.

Happy Thanksgiving yall!