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Photoshop this giddy Rams security guard

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It's the perfect picture, really (Chris Lee takes some great shots). Tavon Austin taking the rock to end zone, looking over his shoulder in full sprint. Nice composition! But what really makes the shot stand out is the obvious meme opportunity.

Chris Lee

First off, let's hat tip Brian Muehling for bringing the photo out of the deep crevasas of the interwebs and onto the social environment we humbly call Twitter, and Brent for pushing the meme. Next, let's thanks Matt Sebek for taking the time crank out this .png for your photoshopping glory.


See, the hardest of the work is already done for you! Now get photoshopping!

If you need some inspiration, check out some of the masterpieces below.

Okay. So I have a thing for Tony Softli. No, not that sort of thing. This sort of thing.

Enough about me. Drop your da Vinci's below and Tweet 'em to @TurfShowtimes or myself! You know you want the Retweets.

[Chris Lee/PD]