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The St. Louis Rams' running game is finally a strength

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The St. Louis Rams' running game is back with vengeance.

Andy Lyons

The surprise of the season for the St. Louis Rams has to be their running game. When Steven Jackson left for supposedly greener pastures with the Atlanta Falcons, no one knew how good the Rams rushing attack could be. Even though people thought that Daryl Richardson could be a star in the backfield, it was just guesswork.

In reality, Richardson and the Rams offensive line struggled to perform. But ever since 5th round rookie Zac Stacy took the starting role, the offense finally has a good running game. It's not just Stacy; the offensive line has created lanes to allow the Rams a power running mode. Stacy currently has 141 carries and 624 yards.

It's not just Stacy that's giving the Rams renewed life. Undrafted free agent rookie running back Benny Cunningham also looks like a keeper. He reminds me of Stacy, but with a little bit of more juice. When Cunningham has come in to replace Stacy there hasn't been much of a drop off, which is a compliment to him and the offensive line.

Last year's 2nd round pick Isaiah Pead and Daryl Richardson will more than likely fall in the depth chart. Pead has already all but disappeared since the Rams played the Dallas Cowboys. Richardson, on the other hand, has been battling injuries throughout the season, but when he does run the ball he hasn't impressed.

There's no reason to feel disappointed in the development of Pead and Richardson. Stacy and Cunningham are the every down backs, but Richardson can be the change of pace back. Pead? Well, who knows what the Rams have planned for him.

The Rams shouldn't miss a beat in the running game, which looks stronger than its been in quite some time.