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A great 2013 rookie class

The Rams have some talented newcomers on the roster this season.

Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Rams drafted 7 players in April, 4 players on offense, and 3 on defense. Just like every team, the Rams hoped the class of 2014 players they drafted would yield starting players for the team long term. Will this group of rookies end up being special for the Rams? It's possible, since some have been pretty good this season.

Honestly, this is a pretty damn good class for the Rams. Five out of the seven rookies the Rams drafted are contributing heavily for the Rams right now (sorry Barrett Jones). Then there's also a handful of rookie free agents who could stick around for a while; the main one being running back Benny Cunningham.

On the offensive side of the ball, the Rams have two play makers who should continue to be big parts of the Rams future: Tavon Austin and Zac Stacy. Austin is finally making the exciting plays fans expected. Stacy has showed time and time again why he should be the lead back for the Rams going forward. Hopefully in 2014, Jones will be able to become a factor on the offensive line as a back up a player or even be a starter. There's also Stedman Bailey, who was a good receiver in college, but hasn't had a shot this season. He has been a good coverage player on special teams.

On the defensive side of the ball, the team drafted safety T.J. McDonald, outside linebacker Alec Ogletree, and corner back Brandon McGee. McDonald is the perfect replacement for former safety Quintin Mikell. He blitzes, plays the run well and is a solid cover guy. Ogletree has been solid from the get go, and he's starting to grow into a better defender each game. McGee really hasn't played many snaps, but since Cortland Finnegan is out for the season, he'll get more playing time.

So how do you feel about this rookie class? Are they living up to expectations? Do you like it more than last year's crop of rookies? Leave a comment and let us know.