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Turf Show Radio: Tonight at 9PM Eastern Time

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Tonight, another installment in Rams' talk radio. Your host - Joe McAtee - will be talking about the amazing St. Louis turn around over the last few weeks. Winning makes for great shows, and the current Rams two game win streak has their fans looking forward to the San Francisco 49ers rematch this Sunday. The first game between these two teams this year didn't go so well... OK, that's an understatement. It went horribly wrong, with the 49ers winning 35-11 at the Edward Jones Dome.

The Rams start a two game swing through NFC West towns with the 49ers - a team that's had its share of stumbles the last three weeks. Now tied for second in the division with Arizona - the Rams next opponent - the 49ers are in must win mode.

Joe will have Dave Fucillo from Niner nation on with him tonight. He'll walk us through the many looks of Colin Kaepernick, and the sudden rise in the 49ers' passing game. Mario Manningham and Anquan Boldin looked great against Washington Monday night. Now, with a short week to prepare for the Rams, we'll see just how much St. Louis has changed as they visit Candlestick Park for the last time. Next year, they'll be playing in Santa Clara at Levis Stadium.

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