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NFL power rankings, Week 13: Make way for the Rams!

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Another win over a favored playoff contender is giving the Rams more credit with pundits.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a good run for the St. Louis Rams lately. Jeff Fisher's team followed up a beat down of the Indianapolis Colts in Week 10 with a dismantling of the Chicago Bears in Week 12. That's also translating into some national respect for the Rams, at least as far as the power rankings are concerned.

The Rams leapt over the Bears in this week's SB Nation power rankings, going from No. 21 to No. 17.

Here's the write up from the power rankings:

While they're not eligible to join the AFC's 5-6 Bunch, the Rams have plenty of individuals establishing memberships of their own. Robert Quinn has joined All-World 4-3 Defensive End Club. Chris Long looked to be joining Fight Club against his own brother before it became clear that he was just being Responsible Big Bro and keeping Kyle out of a fracas. Tavon Austin is working his way out of the First Round Bust Club and applying for membership in the Holy *#&^ Did You See That Club. Running backs are getting pulled out of the stands to join the 100 Yard Rusher Club. And, finally, Sam Bradford has joined Jay Cutler in the "So, Why Do We Pay You So Much When The Offense Looks Just As Good Without You?" Club. Membership in that one ... can cost you a pretty penny. (Last Week: 21)

Over at FOX, the Rams climbed to No. 17 as well, up three spots from No. 20. In the curated power rankings, rounding up totals from the web's biggest outlets, the Rams average an 18.67, with low scores from CBS and Yahoo.

Next week's opponent, the 49ers, stayed in the ninth spot on the SB Nation power rankings. Dissecting Washington just isn't what it used to be ... well, maybe it is, since Washington's 2012 season now looks like more of an anomaly.