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Monday Night Football Open Thread: 49ers at Redskins

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A crucial primetime contest offers the Niners and Skins means quite a lot for the two teams well as the Rams.

Rob Carr

Big game tonight.

The Redskins are trying to avoid having the wheels fall off this season and dealing with an increasingly disharmonious relationship between their head coach Mike Shanahan and franchise QB Robert Griffin III aka RGIII aka RGMe aka RGfromfleatoshiningsea. On the other side, the 49ers are dealing with a disappointing 10-game showing of their 2013 season to this point riding a two-game losing streak and a league-worst rate of passing yards per game.

So there's definitely reason to think this could be sloppy. There should be no argument, though, that this game has some direct implications on the St. Louis Rams.

First and foremost, there's the divisional/playoff ramifications (haha. RAMifications? That's hilarious.). If the Niners pick up a loss, at 6-5 they'd be within range of the Rams next weekend...and guess who those two teams face...

Looking further into the Rams' long-term plans is the first-round pick the Redskins are playing out for the Rams.

It certainly looks right now like the will be gifted a top 10 pick from the Skins next April. And should things head south for Washington, which is certainly within possibility, the Rams might find themselves into my dream scenario as of today: a Minnesota/Jacksonville situation at #1 that likely sees yet another QB go first overall...leaving the Rams open to deal the #2 overall pick for pass rush monster Jadaveon Clowney. The idea that the Rams would sell the #2 overall pick to Washington only to have the opportunity to do the same thing two years later makes me happy.

So tonight really comes down to short-term versus long-term opportunity. Either way, the Rams can't lose tonight.

I like those odds.