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Bears, Rams scrum draws in Chris & Kyle Long

Chris Long raced onto the field to keep his brother out of the fray.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

A week of Chris Long versus Kyle Long stories dominated the lead up to the St. Louis Rams Week 12 games against the Chicago Bears. Would the Rams pass rusher go head-to-head with his younger brother, the Bears offensive guard? He did some, but the Long/Long interaction that stole the show was a second quarter scrum that drew both brothers into it.

An incomplete pass from Josh McCown looked like a fumble. Ultimately, it wasn't, but things got a little chippy after a scramble for the ball. Kyle Long got caught in the middle of it. He even kicked at one of the Rams defenders. But before it got too far out of hand, Chris raced off the sidelines and pulled his brother out of the fracas.


Chris didn't get ejected for running onto the field, and he's lucky that didn't happen. Jerome Boger's arbitrary method of calling games actually gave the Rams a lift ... whodathunk.

That move actually helped keep the whole thing from getting too far out of control.

Kyle Long couldn've been ejected for his kick. He wasn't. The refs explained it after the game.

Via Adam Oestmann:

"I was one of the covering officials on that play and what I had the unnecessary roughness call was for piling on, that he piled on onto a player who was already on the ground. I didn't see a kick by him."

So Long did not do enough to warrant an ejection from your vantage point?


The Long brothers talked about the incident after the game. Kyle issued an apology via Twitter:

Chris Long talked to Tony Softli (yes!) after the game. He didn't want to get ejected and didn't want to see his brother get ejected either, which speaks volumes to the kind of leader Chris Long is.

Here's the interview with Chris Long:

After the game, the Longs, with father Howie, caught up with each other in the hallway.