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Jeff Fisher's second-biggest game

The Rams head coach saw something last weekend that almost measures up to another memorable moment in his coaching career.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher had plenty to do during the team's Week 11 bye. Self-scouting, prepping for the Bears, checking up on injured players all headlined his week off. He also got to see other teams play some exciting football, with wild finishes, something he's familiar with.

Fisher's Titans had one of the most dramatic comeback wins in NFL history. The Music City Miracle. That was Frank Wycheck's later to Kevin Dyson on a kickoff return in the final seconds of the 1999 AFC Wild card game against the Bills (on Jan. 8, 2000). Dyson took the ball 75 yards for the game-winning touchdown. The Titans won the AFC Championship only to lose to -- and this part you should be especially familiar with -- the St. Louis Rams on another last-minute play: The Tackle.



Fisher saw something close to that this weekend, in Auburn's last-second, Hail Mary win over Georgia. The Tigers trailed by a point, 38-37, with less than a minute to play. It looked like the Bulldogs had pulled off the upset. And then this happened.

Tipped and Caught.

Fisher has a connection to Auburn. His son Trent, a junior, plays safety there.