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Late College Open Thread: November 2

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All eyes are on Tallahassee tonight as the #3 Florida State Seminoles try to keep their national championship hopes alive against the #7 Miami.

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Game of the day coming up with the #7 Miami Hurricanes heading to face the #3 Florida State Seminoles in Tallahassee. Let's walk this one backwards:

Backup #2: #18 Oklahoma St. at #15 Texas Tech (7:00 p.m., FOX)

The Big XII's a hot mess after Baylor. Oddly, Texas took two early losses from BYU and Ole Miss and has racked up four subsequent wins (en route to a fifth against Kansas as I write this). They may indeed have turned their season around, but they've got both of the above teams as well as Baylor left on the schedule. Let's not go swinging for the fences with Texas just yet...

As it stands though, this one is pivotal for both involved. Both teams have just one loss, both of which came in conference. For OSU, it's all about defense this year. CB Justin Gilbert is the standout prospect, but DT Calvin Barnett can't be overlooked. Texas Tech may be sending a phenomenal receiving TE to the NFL in Jace Amaro, but if he holds to his word that he's staying in Lubbock, we'll have to wait until the 2015 NFL Draft to see him.

Backup #1: Tennessee at #9 Missouri (7:00 p.m., ESPN)

Tennessee has played a brutal schedule this year. At the times they played them, the Vols have faced the #1, #2, #6, #11 and #19 teams in the country. Including this one, they've got #9 and #11 left to play. No rest for the weary...But as I've said often, get your look in at their O-line. Multiple NFLers coming from that unit. For Missouri, DE Michael Sam has played his way into NFL options. CB E.J. Gaines is going to get selected in all likelihood as well.

Game of the Night: #7 Miami at #3 Florida St. (8:00 p.m., ABC)

This one's all about Miami. They've scraped through the season by the seat of their pants, but that won't cut it against FSU. The best prospect from the Hurricanes might be backup OT Seantrel Henderson who can't find a way not to screw up off the field. QB Stephen Morris has his supporters; I'm not one of them. Check out OLB Denzel Perryman as well.

Florida State on the other hand has plenty to see. OT Cameron Erving, FS Lamarcus Joyner, ILB Christian Jones, DT Timmy Jernigan, C Bryan Stork, OLB Telvin Smith and my boy RB James Wilder. And of course, freshman headline assembly line "Famous" Jameis Winston. Plenty to get in on here, but the reality is if they win, it's to be expected because Miami's being so overrated in the polls. Sadly though, even if they do, the season-ending Florida State-Florida game is looking watered down thanks to the ass-splashing Florida's receiving from Georgia right now.

Either way, this is your marquee matchup of the day. Now load up for next week...

Thursday? #10 Oklahoma at #6 Baylor and #2 Oregon at #5 Stanford. Saturday? #13 LSU at #1 Alabama. Yeah, next week's gonna be fun.